View of the Caucasus Mountain Range from the top of Kazbegi in Georgia
View of Caucasus Mountains (black mountains) that separates Georgia and Russia.

To make the most of our 9-day trip in Eurasia, we decided to visit Armenia’s neighbor country: Georgia. Honestly, I’ve only known about the country of Georgia when I got to the UAE. When I hear or think of Georgia, my mind would take me to Georgia in Atlanta, US.

But we’ve heard many good things about Georgia, one of which is that it’s even more beautiful than Armenia. So, we’ve decided to find it out for ourselves!

Landscape photo of Sighnaghi, Georgia's City of Love.
Sighnaghi in Kakheti Georgia – The City of Love

Why travel to Georgia?

  • Interesting culture and history, beautiful and kind people, picturesque city and countryside, stunning European architecture
  • Short trip! It’s a 3-hour plane ride from Dubai, UAE. But since we’re coming from Armenia, we traveled for around 4-5 hours by land.
  • As UAE residents, we get to enjoy the “visa-on-arrival” privilege. However, your UAE residency should be valid at the time of your travel to Georgia.
  • Extremely cheap! Although Georgian Lira is almost equal to UAE Dirham in value, the cost of food, transportation and general living expenses is cheaper in Georgia. We had even greater deals because we were a group, and our tour provider offered us really affordable tour packages!

Where to go and what to see in Georgia?

Tbilisi – The Capital City of Georgia

Tbilisi alone is brimming with wonderful sights and wonders: Peace Bridge, Old Town, Fabrika, Freedom Square, Clock Tower, Rike Park, Funicular, and more! We had a lot of places listed in our DIY walking tour itinerary, but sadly, it was raining that day so we couldn’t do everything in our itinerary. We had lunch at one of the best Georgian restaurants in Tbilisi – Zakhar Zakharich – and went home to our Airbnb to rest for our tour the next day.

A look at Tbilisi City at night
Nighttime view of Tbilisi, Georgia
The famous Peace Bridge in Tbilisi, Georgia.
The Bridge of Peace in Tbilisi Georgia, located near Rike Park.

Kakheti – The Ancient City and Birthplace of Wine Making

Kakheti is said to be the birthplace of wine making. It’s also said that the world owes the tradition and process of wine making to the ancient city of Kakheti. Aside from the bread making and wine making tour we had, we also dropped by Georgia’s city of love, Sighnagi, and one of the most popular monasteries in Georgia: Bodbe Monastery.

The beautiful city of Sighnagi is rightly called the City of Love
A more panoramic view of Sighnagi, the City of Love, which is located in Kakheti region of Georgia.

Gudauri Mountains – The Beautiful Snowcapped Mountains of Gudauri

As someone who’s lived in a tropical country for more than 20 years, I’ve always been fascinated by snowcapped mountains, which I only used to see in photos and on TV before.
And can I just say that they’re a beautiful, breathtaking sight? I can’t wait to actually experience snow next year!

Stunning view from the top of Gudauri Mountains in Georgia
Overlooking view of nature below from Gudauri Mountains

KazbegiThe National Park of Kazbegi

Another breathtaking sight of snowcapped mountains greeted us in Kazbegi, but with the addition of the imposing black Caucasus Mountains, the natural border between Georgia and Russia. Part of our tour to Kazbegi included a steep drive to Gergeti Trinity Church, a stopover at the trendy Rooms Hotel, and a hearty lunch at Tsanareti Restaurant while enjoying lovely views of the Kazbegi Mountains surrounding us.


Ananuri – The Palace/Fortress of Ananuri

The Ananuri Castle Complex is approximately 400 years old. It was built in the 17th century by its ruling dynasty, Aragvi, but some of its parts can be traced to the 13th century. The complex houses two churches inside: the Church of the Virgin and the Church of the Mother of God.
What I loved about Ananuri Castle is the lovely blue tops of its castle, set against the lush greens of its surroundings. I also loved its unhindered view of the river, and the classical feel of the castle complex’s architectural design.

Facade of Ananuri Castle Fortress which is located on Aragvi River in Georgia
Facade of Ananuri Castle, which is famous for its blue roofs.
Ananuri Fortress from another angle.
Ananuri Fortress from another angle.

Jvari Monastery

Built in the 6th century, Jvari Monastery is one of the oldest Georgian Orthodox monasteries in the country. Its high location gives you fantastic overlooking views of Mtshketa. Because of its historic value, UNESCO has included it as a World Heritage site.

I think it’s one of the most well-preserved old churches I know. And you can really see the difference in its architecture versus structures that were built later – Jvari Monastery is relatively low in height and a bit more circular in shape, unlike the Ananuri Castle and Bodbe Monastery which were both taller and have pointy towers.

A closer look at Jvari Monastery Complex in Georgia
Jvari Monastery is a Georgian Orthodox monastery built on a hill overlooking the city of Mtshketa


Once the capital and seat of power in Georgia, Mthshketa is one of the country’s oldest cities today. It is also considered the birthplace of Orthodox Christianity in Georgia.

It is a small humble town that shows the simple lifestyle of many Georgians. We were there only for a brief stop but I loved the lively but peaceful atmosphere of the place, especially their cobblestone streets, variety of goods for sale, and the lovely views everywhere!

One of my favorite stopovers in Mtshketa is Svetitskhoveli Cathedral.

Mtshketa City is one of the oldest cities in Georgia
View of Mtshketa City, one of Georgia’s oldest cities. Photo taken from Jvari Monastery.
Infamous Svetitskhoveli Cathedral in Mtshketa, Georgia
The infamous Svetitskhoveli Cathedral is a must-see in Mthsketa, Georgia


  • Communication – Like with Armenia, we also had challenges communicating with Georgians, as only a few, mostly the younger ones, can speak and understand English well. So the guided tours were a really big convenience for us – we avoided getting lost, getting misunderstood and getting frustrated because of communication barriers!
  • Join the tours – We loved our tour company in Georgia – Georgia by Car – and our tour guide, Achi. He is very knowledgeable in their history and culture and he generously shared all this information with us. He would always try to first tell us all the history of a certain place, why its famous/infamous, its importance, etc. which made the tour more memorable and meaningful.
  • Check the weather – We did check the weather and AccuWeather said it’s summer so we packed a lot of summery clothes! But when we got there, there were summer rains and the temperature dipped to 10 to 12 degrees Celsius. Fortunately, we also brought coats and jackets with us!
  • Have GEL & USD ready – The common currencies used in Georgia are their Georgian Lira (GEL) and of course US Dollar. Better have your currency changed to USD before going there since you might have a hard time converting your money directly into GEL. We recommend converting your money (from USD to GEL) at the airport.
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