Manga Lab in Louvre Abu Dhabi: A Taste of Japan in the UAE

For the love of manga, anime and Japanese culture.

I dedicated a separate post for Louvre Abu Dhabi’s Manga Lab because it’s special to me.

I grew up watching anime. And when I was in college trying to get over my ex-boyfriend, watching anime helped me be genuinely happy despite my heartbreak. LOL.

Eventually, I got hooked on reading manga, and I also started taking Japanese classes because by that time, I was in love with Japanese culture.

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Quick Facts about Louvre Abu Dhabi’s Creative & Interactive Manga Lab:

  • It’s a dedicated space for appreciating Japanese culture and Japanese comics popularly known as manga.
  • It’s aimed at teenagers and young adults, but even “mature” adults like us had so much fun!
  • Admission is granted to children aged 8 and above. Adults are welcome!
  • Its admission is already included in your general admission ticket. I thought it’s a bonus!
  • It’s located in the basement of the museum. Once your tour of Louvre Abu Dhabi’s galleries is done, you can go next to the Manga Lab and the Children’s Museum. They’re both highly recommended even for adults!
  • It’s available for a limited period! Manga Lab is available only until April 14, 2019. I hope they’ll further extend this though. So hurry and check it out ASAP!

So what’s inside Manga Lab?

Expression Wall – You can color the walls! Write a note, draw some cartoons! Anything! Color pens and markers are provided.

BUT you’re not allowed to draw on or color the panels on the floor.

Retro Arcade Games – Play classic arcade games and bring on the nostalgia!

Cozy hangouts and reading nooks – According to Louvre Abu Dhabi’s website, these reading areas are inspired by Manga cafés in Japan. They’re cozy and welcoming, and you can freely read different popular manga titles!

Just look at some of the treasures I found:

Virtual Reality Pods – They’re cool like most VRs but there wasn’t really much that happened. Still a must-try though! (Sadly, we didn’t have photos because we were too busy enjoying & exploring Manga Lab!)

Manga Lab also offers some cool classes like manga drawing and Japanese printing! Check their website for the latest dates and class schedules:

More photos of Manga Lab’s cool features and displays

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