Cafe Bateel’s Seasonal Menu: A Taste of Mediterranean Summer in Winter

Delicate and aromatic, with a medley of flavors building up with every bite – that is how I would describe Cafe Bateel’s seasonal menu, curated by their executive chef, Jean Luc Villa.

It evokes pictures of rolling hills in Tuscany, of a sweet, summer holiday in Santorini. I have always believed great food can transport you to places with just a single taste, and Cafe Bateel’s seasonal fare is exactly that.

I have had the pleasure of tasting their Tiger Prawn Linguini, a fragrant, delightful and filling take on seafood pasta. The perfect combination of light and appetizing, refreshing and savory, Tiger Prawn Linguini is flavorful without being heavy on the palate. Every bite packs in just the right amount of flavor, enticing you to have more.

Tiger Prawn Linguini

The mild sauce coating the perfectly cooked pasta balances out the bolder taste of the shrimp, while succulent cherry tomatoes release a zesty sweetness that refreshes the taste buds.

Tiger Prawn Linguini is an exquisite harmony of flavors, sweet, savory and absolutely scrumptious! I could definitely picture myself eating it while having a glass of white wine somewhere in Italy.

A fan of meat, my husband opted for one of Cafe Bateel’s signature dishes, Lamb Confit and Farro Risotto.

Lamb Confit and Farro Risotto

The meat is tender, flavorful and cooked to perfection. Whereas the meat gave a soft and succulent treat to the palate, the Umbrian farro grains, Greek mushrooms and chickpeas provided texture and contrast, further heightening the richness and stronger flavors of the lamb.

Like the Tiger Prawn Linguini, this dish oozes a light, intoxicating flavor that does not overwhelm the taste buds. Lamb Confit and Farro Risotto is a heavy meal, perfect for those with a big appetite, like my husband.  

For the much-awaited dessert, we chose one from their seasonal menu: Tres Leches.


Tres Leches proves it is more than just a sight to behold with its creamy, sweet and rich flavor, which makes for the perfect finale to a lovely weekend lunch. The cake soaks up a genius concoction of vanilla, cream and fresh milk, which definitely makes every bite burst with pure decadence.

The pound cake is moist but firm, truly a taste of indulgence with every single taste. Its delicate sweetness is set off by whipped cream and enhanced by luscious fresh strawberries and blueberries on top.

Our choice of dessert was complemented by aromatic coffee, Americano and Caffe Dhibs, which also proved to be a real treat with its rich layer of flavors.

Cafe Bateel has outdone itself with its seasonal menu, elevating the Mediterranean culinary experience to beyond sublime, as expected of the brand that persistently redefines and refines the luxury dining experience.

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