9 Undeniable Reasons Boracay Is Still the Philippines’ Best Honeymoon Destination

Sailboats on the shore of Boracay Island.

Boracay is one of the most famous destinations in the Philippines for both local and foreign tourists. With its stunning white shore, clear turquoise waves, and soft sand that cushions your every step on paradise, Boracay is undeniably world-class.

We’ve always wanted to go there but never got to. So for our honeymoon, we thought it’s the perfect time to finally experience what our friends have been raving about all these years!

And we’ve come to the conclusion that Boracay is the best honeymoon destination in the Philippines, with all our 9 reasons for thinking so listed below.

We’re also sharing our 5 days & 4 nights honeymoon itinerary and some activities and restaurants you should absolutely try in Boracay!

1. It’s simply paradise on Earth.

I’ve heard friends gush about the beauty of Boracay, and I’ve heard some say it’s not as beautiful as before. And you know what? I agree with both. It’s absolutely stunning and idyllic – the perfect honeymoon atmosphere!


Before you tell me that I don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ve been to Puerto Princesa and El Nido, Palawan, as well as to Caramoan and Calaguas in Bicol and Malapascua in Cebu. Basically, I’ve been to a lot of beaches in the Philippines to know that Boracay is indeed paradise.


But I also agree that it may not be as beautiful as before. Because – let’s face it – that’s what commercialization and tourism do. Anyway, I’m not here to be political.

The clear turquoise waters of Boracay.

My stand on this matter is Boracay is still gorgeous, breathtaking and worth the trip, even if it may not be as amazing as it was when it was still a virgin island, as some who’d seen it before would say.

Tourists out and about in Boracay early in the morning.

2. Sinfully good food abounds in Boracay!

Whether you’re into fancy restaurants, affordable eats, or street food stands, Boracay will not disappoint. The island is teeming with restaurants with cuisines from all over the world. Craving some tacos? How about Italian for lunch? Or some local isaw to go with your fruit shake?

From breakfast and lunch, to dinner and snacks, Boracay has your taste buds covered with delicious, mouth-watering food! (I’ve provided a list of the restaurants we tried below!)

3. Boracay has some of the best hotels and resorts in the Philippines.

Station 1 is filled with high-end hotels and resorts, including Discovery Shores, Hennan Grand Resort, The Lind, Fridays and Two Seasons.

We stayed at Astoria Hotel in Station 1, Boracay – our accommodation was sponsored by my husband’s brother (my brother-in-law). The place was tastefully furnished in modern décor, perfectly blending functionality, style and comfort.

Our room was spacious and luxurious, and sometimes we didn’t want to leave the room because it was too comfortable! We enjoyed our time there, especially because we were attended by very helpful staff. And they even had a surprise for us!

Lovely & sweet surprise from Astoria!

4. Plenty of exhilarating water sport activities await you in Boracay.

Aside from its romantic atmosphere, another thing we loved about Boracay is its wide array of water sports activities – just the right dose of adventure and thrill we look for in our travels!

TIP: Try booking the activities with only one tour provider, so you can haggle the prices. Our contact was Mark, whom we just met on the beach. His agency had a small tent in front of our hotel. Because we booked a lot of activities with Mark (except for cliff diving and scuba diving), we were able to get discounted prices for our other activities. 😊 It also saved us the hassle of coordinating with different people.

Cliff Diving at Ariel’s Point
It may not look like us, but that’s definitely us! XD


Helmet Diving
Paraw Sunset Sail
Jet Ski
Scuba Diving

5. Enjoy one of the most beautiful sunset experiences, ever.

Sunsets are my favorite time of the day. It never fails to leave me in awe, when the sky becomes tinged with beautiful hues of pink, red, orange and purple, and the sun becomes a gigantic golden ball slowly disappearing in the horizon.

Being on a paraw (sailboat) even made it more memorable. However, my only complaint is that the trip was too quick. Although the sunset was immensely beautiful, we hardly had the time to fully enjoy it because we went back to the shore only after a few minutes.

Beautiful sunset!

I was a bit disappointed but I also understood it was peak season for tourism, so it couldn’t be helped.

Nevertheless, whether on a sailboat or not, Boracay’s sunset is too beautiful not to enjoy.


6. The vivacious energy and vibe of the place

I don’t really like crowds but I enjoyed the somewhat festive atmosphere of tourists in Boracay. There was a lot of tourists when we went there, mostly foreigners from China and South Korea.

It was also a good thing that there were fewer people in Station 1, which provided us a respite from the flocks of tourists! But I’m glad to know that business there is thriving. I just hope they’ll be able to do it responsibly and keep Boracay clean and beautiful. 😊


7. The quaint little town of Boracay has everything you need.

Boracay may be a small island, but it’s packed with everything you might need – clinics, banks, shops, grocery stores, and markets. Everything is just a short tricycle ride away!

Having a nearby clinic proved to be really helpful for us on our last night. We suffered from food poisoning, and it was a good thing that there was a nearby clinic open that night. Or we would’ve been severely dehydrated from diarrhea. The only disadvantage is that the clinic rates were expensive! But I’m just thankful we’re alive to this day! Haha

8. Boracay is a shopper’s paradise.

Boracay has a vast array of souvenirs – from cheap to pricey, local brands to world-famous labels. Do you want some souvenir T-shirts, board shorts, or hats? Want to take home some local delicacies?

Forgot to pack your shades or bikini? Whatever you need to make your beach vacay A-W-E-S-O-M-E, Boracay’s got the goods for you.

9. A thriving nightlife scene

With bars littered on its shores, it’s no surprise that Boracay is also famous for its nightlife scene. Overflowing drinks and food, mesmerizing fire dancers, pulsating music and the extraordinary ambiance of having a party by the beach make Boracay’s nightlife scene enticing and captivating.


Our 5D4N Boracay honeymoon itinerary:

Day 1
Because our morning flight was delayed, we just spend our first day relaxing and savouring the sights and sounds of Boracay. Of course, we already started our food adventure on the first day!

Sand art in Boracay.

Day 2
We allocated our entire second day for our cliff diving tour at Ariel’s Point.

Day 3
We had quite a productive day on our third day, trying out parasailing, helmet diving and paraw sailing.

It was a beautiful day for our activities!
So so so blue!

Day 4
Time to get more adventurous! We tried jet skiing and scuba diving for the first time! We wanted to do more in the afternoon, but the symptoms of food poisoning bound us to our hotel room for the rest of the afternoon and until the next day. We had to go to the clinic in the middle of the night, take medicines and hoped we were okay for our flight the next day.
It was definitely NOT how we imagined our honeymoon would end!

Day 5
Thank God, we were feeling better! Hubby even picked up the calamansi muffins we ordered the other day, and bought some additional souvenirs. I’m just really, really thankful we got back to Manila without causing any embarrassing scenes on the plane or at the airport!

Where to Eat in Boracay?

A couple of months before we went to Boracay, I already did my research on the best restaurants to try on the island. Good thing I found this list, 16 of the Best Boracay Restaurants, and we tried as many restaurants as we could!

Lemoni Café & Restaurant

We loved it so much at Lemoni Cafe, that we had breakfast there twice!

Smoke Resto

I Love Backyard BBQ

Real Coffee & Tea Café

Their famous calamansi muffins! Must try! <3

Aria Cucina Italiana

Tres Amigos

Tres Amigos Boracay Restaurant
At Tres Amigos restaurant in Boracay

Los Indios Bravos

We loved the interior design of their place! Loved the food as well, except for the fresh oysters…

Jonah’s Fruitshake

The price was worth it!

Merly’s BBQ


BarLo Restaurant (closed) – It’s one of the restaurants we were excited to try because of their Four Cheese Pizza and Sizzling Oyster Sisig, but unfortunately, the resto was under renovation at the time we were there. ☹

Flights from Manila to Boracay

You can book a flight to Boracay from Manila through Philippine Airlines, Cebu Pacific, or Air Asia Zest.

We chose Philippine Airlines because they had the most affordable rates for our preferred dates, but we were sorely disappointed by their service.

Our flight from Manila was delayed by 2 hours, and so was our flight from Boracay to Manila. It was really exasperating, waiting there and wasting time. But as they say, better to arrive late than never!

The flight was quick, a little more than 1 hour. Honestly, it was the waiting time that took almost forever.

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