8 Amazing Reasons Germany’s Oktoberfest Should be One of Your 2019 Travel Goals

Oktoberfest is the largest Volkfest, or people’s festival, in the world. It’s held annually in Munich, Germany. Although it’s named Oktoberfest, the festival starts near the end of September and lasts until the first week of October.

In September 2018, we got the chance to experience Oktoberfest on its first day! We had so much fun and we’re here to convince you to go and book a ticket to Germany for the 2019 Oktoberfest!

Here are 8 reasons you should definitely go to Oktorbest:

1) The overflowing Bavarian beer

Let’s be honest here. The main attraction of Oktoberfest is beer. GREAT GERMAN BEER. And there’s tons of it at Oktoberfest!

If you’re looking for the perfect excuse to get drunk and party from morning ‘til night, then Oktoberfest has got you covered!

We’re out to party!!!

CAUTION: Just make sure someone is there to watch over you and help you get home!

2) The delicious food that awaits you

Aside from their delicious beer, Disney-like castles, and a language that’s got most people twisting their tongues, Germany is famous for their mouthwatering SAUSAGES. You know, the big, long and juicy ones?

Perfect with sweet mustard or your good old yellow one.

Had one more because the longer one wasn’t enough!

Oktoberfest is heaven for foodies, with its rich, delectable selection of gastronomic delights which include:

Soft, warm waffles with a generous serving of chocolate syrup

Chocolate-coated fruits like strawberries, pineapples, kiwis, and more.

There were also burgers, fries, gelato, sweetened nuts, cotton candy, delicious bread, and many more!  


3) The massive beer tents where drinks flow throughout the day

Each brewery participating in Oktoberfest sponsor a massive beer tent (festzelte) that can house thousands of people. So just imagine how huge of a party each tent would have! And there are many tents to choose from, with their own unique festive designs.

Soaking up the festive energy inside the beer tent!

However, make sure you arrive early because tents from the most popular beer brands fill up really quickly. When we got there, some had long waiting lines already, while some have stopped letting people in.

Aside from huge mugs of beer, you can also order food inside the tent.

4) The fun amusement rides & games

What’s a gigantic party without amusement rides, right? From fun to nerve-wracking rides, Oktoberfest’s got a great variety of attractions. There are even attractions designed to challenge your physical dexterity…when you’re drunk!

Just try climbing up a steep line when you’re tipsy and dizzy.

And all these amusement rides looked beautiful and dazzling at night.

5) The beautiful faces from all over the world

People from all over the world flock to Oktoberfest. Although we only met people from United States, India and Spain, you can see the huge diversity of people attending the event. And they all came to Oktoberfest to party!

6) The celebration of German culture

It’s an exciting and spectacular celebration of German culture. Local musicians played German songs inside the tent, and everybody got up and danced. I didn’t even understand what the German songs were all about but I loved them anyway! They played English songs too but I wasn’t familiar so I could only sing along on some bits and parts.

Sing and dance at Oktoberfest!

7) The best excuse to dress up!

Oktoberfest is the best excuse to play dress up! Whether you’re a local or tourist, you’re free to dress up in traditional German clothes. For the ladies, it’s the dirndl. It’s so beautiful and dainty. There’s plenty of shops where you can buy a dirndl in different designs and colors. However, because it may be pricey due to the demand and the season. I checked at a shop and they’re priced around €50 to €100.

The traditional German clothes for the men is lederhosen – these are like knee-length breeches. But there are also longer ones that cover the legs to the ankles, called bundhosen or kniebundhosen. You can pair it with a white long-sleeved shirt, or maybe a plaid shirt.

8) The awesome memories you’ll make

Oktoberfest is one of the best experiences I’ve ever had, hands down. I can already imagine myself telling my kids and grandkids how much fun I had. And I would always recall the memories fondly.

So, do yourself a favor. Book a ticket to Germany for September this year and experience Oktoberfest for yourself!

Here are some tips to enjoy Oktoberfest without regrets:

  • Wake up early! Or you’ll have an extremely hard time getting seats inside the tents.
  • Have a heavy breakfast beforehand. You wouldn’t want to drink on an empty stomach.
  • Assign one person who’ll stay sober. (That person’s a hero!)
  • Don’t bring a huge backpack. It’s not allowed at the venue for security reasons. Just bring your essentials in a small knapsack or bag. Passport, money and phone will do! For girls, bring your basic make-up kit.
  • Avoid bringing your camera. Your mobile phone will do. Almost everybody’s drunk. You might get drunk too. Do you want to risk damaging your camera?
  • Don’t plan anything else – it’ll take a whole day! (Although we did go out of the festival to visit a museum.)
  • Make sure you can go home. I know we’ve all been dead drunk before and still managed to get home. But this is different, especially if you’re a tourist in Germany. Drink and party, but leave some sanity in you so you can get back to your hotel safely. Okay?
  • Don’t plan anything big the next day. You might need the extra day to recuperate and replenish your fluids.
  • Have fun & make great memories!
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